About Us and Our Disks

Welcome to Creative Cookie Press! The official blog of Impress! Bakeware, LLC.

We are a specialty company with a boutique product designed and manufactured in the USA by our small, family-owned and operated company. Offering the largest selection of cookie press disk shapes is our passion, and providing exceptional customer service is at the heart of our values. Cookie presses are not just for Christmas anymore!

I’m Susie, co-founder & disk designer at Impress!™, and I’m on a mission to re-invent how you use your cookie press.

I’ve designed over 200 new disk designs for you to get creative with, and this blog is where I showcase my ideas, creations, and recipes, accented with photos to help you get the most out of your press and our disks.

You can not only make cookies, but crackers, truffles, icing decorations, mashed potatoes, peanut butter spread, pumpkin mousse, almond cream cheese spread and more. I’ve created dozens of new shapes to press, so you can let your imagination run wild with 30 fun themes like Snowflakes, Beach, Wedding, Baby, Prehistoric/Dinosaurs, Cabin, Sports, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and of course our two 8 disk Christmas sets, Gingerbread and Christmas Ornaments, just to name a few!

You can also check out our website for all of our basic spritz cookie and other unique recipes, pressing tips and ideas. Come see all that we have to offer to take your cookie press experience to a whole new level.

To see our entire line of cookie press disks and starter recipes be sure to come visit our website at www.impressbakeware.com. You can also purchase our disks on our Amazon store at www.amazon.com/shops/A12H8N0UYPL9C4. *As of December 15, 2016 our Amazon site is down until January 1st, 2017, as Amazon doesn’t allow for delayed shipping, nor do they allow us to stay up but show items that can be shipped later. We appreciate your patience while we take a holiday break this year to spend time with our kids. Please see the *Important Disk Shipping Dates for 2016 Christmas & Holidays* tab on the menu for details! You can still order on our impressbakeware.com website, for shipping the week of January 2nd. Thank you!

Come join the fun. We want you to get creative with your cookie press all year round.

Happy Pressing!






About Our Disks

Our Impress! disks are made with a special 3/16″ thick, highly durable, BPA-free material. We think of them as beautiful little works of art in their own right! They sparkle in sunlight and make pretty Christmas ornaments when you’re done baking with them!


You can read more about our company, presses that our disks fit, FAQ’s and more about our disks on our website.



Here’s the story of how our company came to be…

The Story of how Impress! Bakeware™ was born…

I’ve been baking spritz cookies for as long as I can remember. My mom handed me a cookie press as soon as I was old enough to hold one, teaching me how to gently squeeze soft dough onto cookie sheets, and how to shake a bottle of sanding sugar with just the right amount of finesse. I mastered those fun skills and I’ve been hooked on petite melt-in-your-mouth cookies ever since!

Spritz cookies are a tradition in my family. Every Christmas my mom, brother & I would press out dozens of Christmas tree and wreath shaped cookies, sprinkling them with sanding sugars and decorating the trees with little “stars” on top and colored sugar or nonpareils as “lights”. Aromas of cookies baking in the oven, and sights of bowls of dough and bottles of sanding sugars on the kitchen table are some of my favorite holiday memories.

But the rest of the year? Our poor cookie press probably got lonely. Stuffed away back in its cabinet, pulled out only occasionally in the spring- if we remembered that there was a butterfly disk in the press box. Using pastel sugars to make butterflies was a nice change from the bright colors of Christmas cookies, but I’d always longed for more ways to use a press.

Let’s face it. The disks that come with most cookie press kits are… hmm… nice, but pretty boring. It seems the designs haven’t changed in 50 years, and they are mostly just geometric patterns. When compared to the world of cutout cookies (where any shape under the sun seems to exist!) cookie press shapes come off as dull.

I set out to change all that. I wanted the cookie press to be as versatile and as much fun as any set of cookie cutters. I wanted everyone to be able to “get creative with their cookie press”. So after much research into manufacturing and materials, and several years of disk designing and re-designing, we bring you Impress™ cookie press disks.

And so our company, Impress! Bakeware™ was born. Your cookie press? It’s NOT just for Christmas anymore!

Enjoy your cookie presses as never before, and please contact us anytime. We love to hear from you. Impress! Bakeware, LLC Is a family-owned company, started by two moms (who happen to be sisters-in-law and best friends!) with a love of cookies. From our families to yours, keep on baking!

2 thoughts on “About Us and Our Disks

  1. I’m so excited to find your site! We make our own crackers and they are always squares. That will not be the case any more. I can’t wait until your up and running again.

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