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About Us and Our Disks

Impress! Bakeware Cookie Press and cookies made with 12 Disks © 2019 Impress Bakeware, LLCsms2

Impress! Bakeware Cookie Press and 12 Disks © 2019 Impress Bakeware, LLC a S

Hello and welcome to Creative Cookie Press, the official blog of Impress! Cookie Press Disks!

We are a specialty company with a boutique collection of cookie press disks made in the USA by our small, family-owned and operated company. We are two moms (who happen to be sisters-in-law) who are spritz cookie fanatics! Offering the largest, most unique selection of cookie press disk shapes is our passion, and providing exceptional customer service is at the heart of our values. Cookie presses are not just for Christmas anymore!

Our website has all of our 200+ disk shapes, cookie press, embossed rolling pins, baking accessories plus more about our Women/Family Owned company!

All products are on our Etsy shop.

Our cookie press and disks and embossed rolling pins are also available on Amazon.

I’m Susie, co-founder & disk designer at Impress! and I’m on a mission to re-invent how you use your cookie press. Since 2014 I’ve designed over 200 new disk designs for you to get creative with. On our Impress! Bakeware website and this Creative Cookie Press blog I showcase my ideas, creations, and recipes, accented with photos and videos to help you get the most out of your press and our disks. I use these blogs to teach and share with you everything I know about pressing cookies. I share pressing techniques, tips about dough and presses, troubleshooting ideas and more. With dozens of unique shapes to press, and dozens of decorating and recipe blogs to get your creative ideas flowing, you can let your imagination run wild!

You can find the list of presses our disks DO and DO NOT fit on our website here:

About Our Disks & Press: Then & Now

Our cookie press disks are made with a special 3/32″ thick, highly durable, food-safe, BPA-free material. We think of them as beautiful little works of art in their own right! From 2014 to 2018 our disks were made of a thick, clear, food grade plastic. We were closed for most of 2018-19 while I dealt with my daughter’s serious illness. (I talk about this in my closure and re-opening posts on the blog.) In 2019 we were able to re-open and made some big changes.

This excerpt from my “We’re back! Meet our new Disks and Press!” post explains all about our new Disks, Disk sizing, and our new Press:


As I said in our re-opening post, the downtime while my daughter was ill allowed us to really think about what changes would make Impress! even better than before. Our own needs and years of customer feedback went into our thoughts. Our first decision was an easy one.

The Impress! Cookie Press and our new Disk Size

We decided to finally offer a press of our own and make all of our disks designed mainly to fit our press. It’s been hard offering an “aftermarket” disk product with so many different presses out there! Offering our own press that our disks are designed to fit helps us and our customers. By doing this we could eliminate the troublesome “what disk size do I need?” question.

After a LOT of trial and error a disk size was chosen that fit not just our press but as many others as possible, including nearly everything that our former “size M” fit. A “universal” disk size turned out to be impossible, as the size gap is just too great among some of the top brands in presses. As size M was by far our most requested size, it made sense to stick with something compatible with that. On our website and on Amazon we have a list of presses that we know the new disks do and do not fit.

We knew disk thickness was sometimes an issue for people, so we decided to start using only the thinner white material we’d always offered as an option. We hope you’ll all be as happy with the change as we are! I have to admit I’ll miss baking with and photographing the sparkling clear disks, but the change was worth it.

Now about our press!

It is a classic style that’s been around for years. Our original 2014 disks were designed and tested on this style of press. While there are many companies making variations on this theme, they are definitely not all created equal. Some are of exquisite quality. Others? Not so much. We searched for a manufacturer that would produce to our quality standards. I wanted smooth rings that didn’t grind and weren’t a pain in the rear to attach. I wanted a gliding lever for the handle that gave great leverage and control. I wanted it to be made of aluminum because I, like many of you, have some pain issues and a heavy press made baking far less fun. I prefer fully-threaded rings that screw on tight instead of the push-on quarter turn versions that can break or pop off under pressure.

The result of my fastidiousness: a press made of lightweight metals with a beautiful high gloss aluminum barrel, so it’s easy to clean and light in your hands. Top and bottom rings that have a smooth, gliding movement for easy assembly, refilling, and disk changing. A lever with a smooth motion that’s easy to operate.

And hey, even if our disks don’t sparkle anymore, the press sure does. 🙂

Already have a press? Or one that fits our old size P disks? It’s always a great idea to have a backup, especially during the busy baking holidays! Our press is a good value for the money. It’s priced so you’re getting a set-and-a-half of disks (by our usual 8 disk set standard) included and only five dollars more for the press itself. We know some of you with size P-fitting presses will be affected by our new disk size, so we really tried to make the press disks exciting and fresh and the press a good value.


(See more about our disks, changes to existing sets, and see all of the new sets in my post “We’re back! Meet our new Disks and Press!”)

Contact us any time, we’re easy to talk to, real people, raising our kids and running this small business. We’ve poured our hearts and our families’ love into our products, our recipes, and into supporting YOU, our customers who make running this awesome company possible. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer support we can, whether you have disk questions, need troubleshooting help, have dough woes, or just want to share pictures of the cool cookies you’ve baked! Seriously, we love getting cookie pictures! Reach out at

A special thanks to everyone who cheered us on, sent us kind and touching notes, and reached out checking in on Susie’s daughter. It meant the world to us and to her. You guys are the best. We’ve been overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness.

Here’s to new baking adventures for all of us.

Happy Baking!

~Susie & Jill

For fun here’s the old 2014 story of how Impress! Bakeware came to be… 😉

The Story of how Impress! Bakeware™ was born…

I’ve been baking spritz cookies for as long as I can remember. My mom handed me a cookie press as soon as I was old enough to hold one, teaching me how to gently squeeze soft dough onto cookie sheets, and how to shake a bottle of sanding sugar with just the right amount of finesse. I mastered those fun skills and I’ve been hooked on petite melt-in-your-mouth cookies ever since!

Spritz cookies are a tradition in my family. Every Christmas my mom, brother & I would press out dozens of Christmas tree and wreath shaped cookies, sprinkling them with sanding sugars and decorating the trees with little “stars” on top and colored sugar or nonpareils as “lights”. Aromas of cookies baking in the oven, and sights of bowls of dough and bottles of sanding sugars on the kitchen table are some of my favorite holiday memories.

But the rest of the year? Our poor cookie press probably got lonely. Stuffed away back in its cabinet, pulled out only occasionally in the spring- if we remembered that there was a butterfly disk in the press box. Using pastel sugars to make butterflies was a nice change from the bright colors of Christmas cookies, but I’d always longed for more ways to use a press.

Let’s face it. The disks that come with most cookie press kits are… hmm… nice, but pretty boring. It seems the designs haven’t changed in 50 years, and they are mostly just geometric patterns. When compared to the world of cutout cookies (where any shape under the sun seems to exist!) cookie press shapes come off as dull.

I set out to change all that. I wanted the cookie press to be as versatile and as much fun as any set of cookie cutters. I wanted everyone to be able to “get creative with their cookie press”. So after much research into manufacturing and materials, and several years of disk designing and re-designing, we bring you Impress™ cookie press disks.

And so our company, Impress! Bakeware™ was born. Your cookie press? It’s NOT just for Christmas anymore!

Enjoy your cookie presses as never before, and please contact us anytime. We love to hear from you. Impress! Bakeware, LLC Is a family-owned company, started by two moms (who happen to be sisters-in-law and best friends!) with a love of cookies. From our families to yours, keep on baking!

47 thoughts on “About Us and Our Disks

  1. I’m so excited to find your site! We make our own crackers and they are always squares. That will not be the case any more. I can’t wait until your up and running again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Maureen! I have a lot of cookie presses and use many of them, but my 2 favorites are the OXO Good Grips press (which takes our size M or P disks) and the Wilton Simple Success (used to be Comfort Grip) Press (which takes our size P disks).


  2. OMG! I can’t wait for y’all to be back! My boyfriend absolutely loves his Mirro cookie press that he got from his grandmother, but has run into the same issue you did, that it seems so lonely the rest of the year. Since the press is so old, we particularly despaired finding replacement disks, let alone newer contemporary designs. He’s getting at least two sets for Yuletide this year.

    In another vein, what technique do you recommend for applying sanding sugar to the tops of spritz cookies? Sprinkling wastes a lot, so we’ve been using fingertips very lightly moistened with oil (by handling a piece of dough). I can’t help but feel like there might be something better than what we are currently doing.

    Y’all are awesome!
    Lyndsey Langley


    1. Hi Lyndsey! What a fun message. Thank you! My favorite way to apply sanding sugars is to partially fill a spoon and tap the edge of it to let some sugar fall off the tip or edge. It does allow for more control and less waste. Not a perfect solution, but an improvement for sure. Happiest of baking to you both! ~Susie the Disk Designer


  3. Hi! How’s it going? Are you any closer to reopening? I’m just kicking myself for not buying the Halloween disks when they were available. Please come back…


  4. Hello.
    I see you’re out but is there anyway to order some of the sets? I have been going a bit crazy with my press and fell upon yours and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I would more than appreciate being sent a link or put on an email list to purchase every disc you have.


    1. Hi Terri thanks for your enthusiasm, I truly appreciate it! As of now there isn’t a way to order sets, (they’re in storage) but I’m brainstorming. If anything changes I will post it here, on our facebook page, and on the website. Sorry for the inconvenience! ~Susie the Disk Designer


      1. Hi Susie ~ I definitely understand that moving or reorganizing an entire company with life can take time. I truly pray as we all wait hopefully with patience, understanding and prayer for your families you are coming closer to your Grand Opening! I know, I want at least one of every disc you have. (There’s an order) I don’t care what it cost… I make cookies for everyone and every occasion. I have came up with several recipes, just fooling around that work real nice and taste great. Some have had requests for parties…. until the fun starts with your discs, seems cookies are so much better made with a press. I would also be happy to share the recipes once we all get rolling. Hopefully by mother’s day you have so many pretty ones for Mom. Even dad would be happy with a nice nut cookie to share with the friends.
        Anyway, you have a wonderful season and don’t work too hard, I will wait as long as it takes.
        God Bless & Happy Baking


  5. I just discovered youa few days ago and am so bummed that you are temporarily closed. Hope to see you back in business soon.


  6. I just discovered you as well and would love to buy some discs when you are back up and running. How do we find out when that is the case?


    1. Please see our most recent “2018 Fall/Winter Holiday Closure Notice” Post. We’re not selling this holiday season but hoping to be back in 2019. Thanks for stopping by Darcy! Sorry for any inconvenience. ~Susie the Disk Designer


  7. Just found your site going down a rabbit hole looking for the allusive angel for my heirloom cookie press. Cannot wait until your back up and running!! Hope to expand my Christmas disk collection and add more for other occasions in 2019. Beautiful craftsmanship!


  8. Have a happy and safe Holiday Season. I truly hope you are up and running soon. I just can’t wait to start getting these sets… the cookies look awesome and I may end the idea of a cake business and do a cookie business. They look like so much fun with the different shapes for the holidays, and events. God Bless you all. 🎄


  9. Hi Susie, eagerly awaiting your reboot. I love spritz shapes. If there’s anything you need help with that a stranger could offer to help with, let me know. I’ve been waiting for your return to sales! I’ve worked in marketing and merchandising and SO LOVE your press disks.


  10. Hi Susie, eagerly awaiting your reboot. I love spritz shapes. If there’s anything you need help with that a stranger could offer to help with, let me know, I’m willing to help to make sure Impress stays up and running! I’ve worked in marketing and merchandising and SO LOVE your press disks.
    Hope to hear you are back soon. -Jenn


    1. Hi Jenn! Thanks for your enthusiasm! Please see our newest closure notice. There is a chance I may re-open the business someday, so I may reach out to you if that happens. I LOVE working with people who LOVE spritz disks as much as I do! The reason for the shutdown has to do with my daughter’s health and me not having the time to run this crazy, time-consuming business. From manufacturing to marketing there is a LOT that goes on behind the scenes, as I’m sure you get. I’ll make sure to keep in touch with you if anything changes. **Thank** you for the awesome message! ~Susie


      1. So sorry to find your product just after you shut down. We hope that your daughter gets recovers as soon as possible so you and your family may get back to a normal routine. (And by that I do mean normal, not the hectic chaos of running a business on your own.) Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

        If you do ever get things together and restart or hold a closeout sale of the existing stock, please add me to your email list of folks to notify.


  11. Do you have a design to create a block M. It could be with other sports oriented items or by itself. I have the dimensions for the finished distances but need to have it created.
    Please let me know if you can or can direct me to someone else who can create this.


  12. Hello, I have a Wearever electric super shooter. The discs that come with this cookie shooter are 2 inches. Will your beautiful discs fit my cookie shooter?


    1. Hi Tami, thanks for the question. Believe it or not, the difference between disk sizes of most of the presses on the market over the years comes down literally to millimeters. Measured with a ruler they all look about 2 inches. LOL Our disks are a bit loose in the Super Shooter, but if you use SOFT spritz dough (some people use really stiff dough and that would bend even aluminum disks!) and follow our electric press instructions they could work. The trick is to keep the disk centered so there’s no leakage around the edges. Here’s the instructions with pictures on our website.
      If that looks too tricky maybe consider our press as a second press. We tried to make it a good value, for basically the price of the 12 disks (one and a half of our $15.95 sets) which makes it only $5 more for the press. I’m glad you think they’re beautiful and I hope you find a solution that works. ~Susie the Disk Designer


    2. Hey Tami – did you kitty these disks in your Wear Ever Super Shooter? I want to order them but I’m hesitant. I have the same electric press as you! It’s the best! Not sure why they discontinued it.


  13. I am very interested in new, fun cookie press disks. I use mine all the time. Two days ago I tried a new recipe for lemon spritz cookies. The dough was a little thick and the whole press exploded in a puff of broken plastic. Luckily I reached for my other one, but one of the parts was missing. Luckily I just got a vintage one from a thrift store, so I washed that one out and cranked twisted my cookies out. I am interstate in new disks and a new press.


  14. I have an old wearever cookie press however the old disks do not fit in my newer cookie gun which is called Kuhn Rikon. Switzerland
    So I was wondering which size I could order from you
    Can you help me with this. Or I can order your cookie gun set.
    Thank you


    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for the question. It depends on which Kuhn Rikon press you have. Our disks DO fit the Kuhn Rikon Clear (all plastic cookie press). Our disks do NOT fit the older metal and plastic press. Here is a list of presses we do and do not fit and some information of disk sizing, presses, our disks, etc. Thanks for your interest in our products! ~Susie the Disk Designer


  15. I am from Canada and am super excited to learn about impress! What is the most efficient way way for me to get my hands your press and a set of discs? Do you ship to Canada? I have young grandkids and would like a large collection of discs for fun all year long. Can you please advise me? Thanks, Pat


  16. I was wondering if you have the ribbons for cancer, autism,and others for cookie press or if not have you thought about making them or know anyone who does? Thank You Gale


      1. Yes Ma’am I saw that one but it will not work for autism cause it has puzzle pieces in it. But Thank You


      2. It’s the same ribbon shape for all kinds of awareness. You can decorate the ribbon any color or even with puzzle piece designs on it. You could use icing or edible pearl dust paint to decorate. The ribbon is generic, not for any one cause.


  17. I would love it if you could offer a set of “holiday” Disks that had a disc for each holiday of the year. Ex: heart, shamrock, Easter egg, flag, pumpkin, cornucopia, tree, etc… I’d have to spend over 100 dollars in sets to get that.


    1. I understand your request. The reason we haven’t done it is kind of sad. People would complain. Endlessly. Whatever we chose to include in such a set would no doubt be “repeats” for many people who have those full sets. And if I made one, say, new pumpkin just for this “holiday” set, then people would complain that they want that pumpkin instead of the one in Halloween… LOL. We specialize in a huge variety of disks and we’ve divided them as best we can. A few other companies sell some more general holiday sets, and that’s cool! It’s just not what we do. We got enough complaints about the press box set that I never wanted to do another “sampler” set again! I appreciate the suggestion, very much, and if I can find way to make that happen without ticking off half our customers (LOL but seriously), I’d do it. I’ll give it some thought. Thanks for your interest in our disks. I appreciate that. ~Susie the Disk Designer


      1. Is there any chance you could offer custom selected sets for a premium? All your disks are named/numbered, so could they be selected that way?

        Checking around, currently your 8 disk sets are retailing for about $2 a disk. Maybe offer custom sets at $3 or $4 a disk, and an incentive to buy in large lots of “Buy 10, get one free!” I guess it would come down to how your production runs are done.


      2. You are correct it comes down to production. Years ago when we started we offered individual disks. But we can’t predict what people will want each year and we wound up with so many leftovers and incomplete sets. And during the crazy busy holiday season putting together orders of sometimes 30 or 40 individual disks for multiple people was insanely time-consuming. And if we offered them at a higher price we’d get even more complaints. Honestly we think our prices are really reasonable for a totally unique disks designed by us and made in the USA. But you wouldn’t believe the irate complaints we get. Back to my original point, yes, it’s about production. These aren’t made to order, they’re made in sets so how do we stock ahead and guess out of over 300 individual designs? It’s a conundrum! What most of our customers seem to do is slowly collect them over the years. We’ve had people with us for 8 years, now! Sorry for the long-winded reply. I’m just being open and pretty transparent. We don’t have huge profit margins on these so we have to be careful how we offer them, Manufacturing in the US is NOT cheap! ~Susie the Disk Designer


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