Hi! I’m Susie, co-founder & disk designer at Impress! Bakeware and I’m on a mission to re-invent how you use your cookie press. Since 2014 I’ve designed over 200 new disk designs for you to get creative with. On our Impress! Bakeware website and this Creative Cookie Press blog I showcase my ideas, creations, and recipes, accented with photos and videos to help you get the most out of your press and our disks. I use these blogs to teach and share with you everything I know about pressing cookies. I share pressing techniques, tips about dough and presses, troubleshooting ideas and more.

Impress! is a small family owned-and-operated business. It’s me and my brother’s wife, Jill (the business brains behind it all!). My brother Jim helps out a LOT and all 3 kids in the family have helped in the business, and are still doing so even though they’re busy in college! You can learn more about our small company’s story and how a love of spritz cookies turned into a business on the “About Us” on the top menu!

As for me personally, I’ve been making spritz cookies since I was old enough to use a press and shake sugars on cookies. It’s a family tradition that’s brought us so much fun, laughter, sweetness, and togetherness. Plus a career for me and Jill! When I’m not baking I find my sanity hiking in the mountains and red rock wonderlands of Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, and doing nature photography with my landscape photographer husband. My other joys are playing with my dogs and talking about nerdy stuff and sci-fi with my kids. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and Happy Baking! ~Susie the Disk Designer

Our disks and press can be purchased on our website: https://www.impressbakeware.com/

We also have an Amazon store!  https://www.amazon.com/stores/by+Impress+Bakeware/page/F02C7F9E-05C1-49A2-AFB8-93582E3B5C7C?ref_=ast_bln&fbclid=IwAR3l5aepyn42wC0dWxNFqwK0CQ9G93mw-Cmm969BwgBjesOegDU9ahmLnNs

Adjusting the camera for the Christmas Trees Video. That was a fun shoot for me and my son!
Christmas magic.