If you’ve been with us for years you know we’ve been doing cookie press disks since 2014! If you’re new, thanks for checking us out! This women/family-owned company has been a labor of love since our youngest kids were in middle school.

A lot has changed since then and this year (2022) we’re expanding! Not only did we add new disk sets last June, we’ve added over a dozen embossed rolling pins to our lineup! We’re now offering baking accessories, luster dusts, and fondant for a one-stop-shop experience.

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I’ll be adding recipe blogs for the rolling pins this fall and winter. I’ll show you how to use, prep, care for, and have a fun, easy time with them. Many other companies send embossed pins out with little in the way of instructions or recipes. We’re different. Our pins come with detailed recipes and tips & troubleshooting.

Here’s a brief listing and description of all the new products, and why they’ll be helpful to you when you’re making spritz and rolled cookies. Let’s start with the new rolling pins!

Embossed Rolling Pins

These designs are all our own, drawn and designed by Susie, and copyrighted. You won’t see another company selling these patterns. Style-wise they are inspired by our cookie press disks. That said, the rolling pins allowed a different kind of creativity as I didn’t have to worry about how they would extrude! I am looking forward to many more designs to come for more seasons, themes, and holidays. They are made of imported beechwood and are laser embossed by us in our workshop in Colorado Springs.

Here’s a quick video of how easy it is to emboss the dough with these pins. 🙂 This is not cold, hard dough, it’s room temperature. I am not pushing hard, just steady. I have arthritis in both thumbs so if this took a lot of pressure, I wouldn’t be doing it! I use our bench/dough scraper to hold down the start end of the dough so it stays down and doesn’t come up as I start to roll. Works like a charm. As you can see the cookies cut out & lift up just fine and have deep impressions. It’s fun! Also, this pin is oiled, not floured, and the dough embosses beautifully and did not stick!

The 5 recipes included are are inspired by some of our most popular cookie press recipes. Now you can roll them! 1) Pumpkin Spice (with pumpkin pie filling in the dough!)- with a decadent caramel pecan sandwich cookie stuffing 2) Apple Pie (with apple pie filling in the dough!)- which is also amazing with the caramel pecan sandwich stuffing 3) Gingerbread 4) Chocolate “Oreo-like”- including a sandwich stuffing so thick you can emboss that instead of the top cookies! They’re like “topless” sandwich cookies LOL. 5) A wonderful vanilla recipe. Here’s a collage of them:

Here’s my instructions from the packaging that comes with the pins. 🙂

Rolling Pin with thickness spacer rings

This handy rolling pin lets you roll the perfect thickness! Attach the desired spacer rings and roll a smooth, even surface of dough or fondant. We recommend seasoning this pin the same as the embossed pins above. Oil with canola or similar oil before rolling cookie dough or fondant. It makes embossing dough a breeze! Here’s dough rolled flat and even, then embossed.

Edible Luster Dusts from Bakell

If you’ve been with me for while you know one of my favorite ways to decorate spritz (cookie press) cookies is to paint them with edible luster dusts. This year we decided to sell dusts to make it easier for you to find. We partnered with a wonderful American company, Bakell, because of the incredibly high quality of their products. USA made, FDA approved, Kosher, and more. Their dusts are silky and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. We’re offering 12 of their fabulous colors.

In many of my recipe blogs since 2019 I’ve featured cookie painting, with tutorials and some video, too. It’s easy, like a paint-by-number or a coloring book, and the results are stunning! It’s also fun and relaxing to be honest. Here’s an example from my Spring Spritz Cookies post from 2020. Many times I only use dust as an accent, but these are completely painted!

Food Safe Cookie/Fondant Painting Brushes

We are also selling a fantastic brush set. This brush set gives you ease and precision when painting cookies, from small details to wide swaths of color.

Fondant from Bakell

With the addition of our embossed rolling pins it made sense to start offering fondant. This super thick icing is workable like clay. You can make figurines out of it, or flowers for cakes, or you can roll it with an embossed pin. Bakell’s fondant has a delicious marshmallowy taste and exceptional workability. We’re carrying 5 colors and chocolate.

Bench/Dough Scraper

This scraper makes scooping up, cutting, dividing, and folding dough a breeze. I chose this one because it is lightweight, thin, and slightly flexible, making it easy to use and not cumbersome. It’s an excellent spatula/lifter for cutout cookie shapes, too.

Cookie Cutters

Perfect with our embossed rolling pins, these simple cookie cutters give a nice ruffled edge to your cookies. Each shape set sold separately.

Rolling Pin Cleaning Brush

The best way to thoroughly clean your embossed pin is with a stiff brush. This natural bamboo brush fits in your palm and makes getting any dough left on the pin easy to clean out. Leaves your pin fresh and ready for next use!

Cookie Press & Disks 2 Piece Cleaning Brush

We love this brush! Given how often I use my cookie press, I am LOVING this tool! 🙂 The soft bristles easily swipe the inside of the press barrel clean, and the detachable small brush fits right into the small holes and spaces of our disks! Cleaning up after making spritz cookies just got easier! It’s great on water bottles and baby bottles, too.

That’s our new 2022 lineup! Check out all of our products on our main platforms, our website impressbakeware.com, and our Etsy shop.

Thanks for your support through the years. We can’t wait to see what you make with the new rolling pins!

Happy Baking!


Disk Designer/Co-Owner at Impress! Bakeware, LLC

Our website has all of our 200+ disk shapes, cookie press, embossed rolling pins, baking accessories plus more about our Women/Family Owned company! impressbakeware.com

All products are on our Etsy shop.

Our cookie press and disks (only these products) are also available on Amazon

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