Please see my most recent post about our Re-Opening and new disk sets! Apologies for the non-functional links at the bottom of all of the existing posts. I will be fixing them as we re-open and our new website goes live. More details in the re-opening post at the top of the home page! Thanks for your patience! ~Susie the Disk Designer

THANK YOU to all our loyal and generous customers who helped to make 2017 another amazing year for Impress Bakeware. We appreciate each and every one of you! It is with mixed feelings that we have decided to close Impress now through the 2018 Fall and Winter Holiday Season, as we have had several MAJOR changes in our very small family business. Impress takes a great deal of time and devotion to run, and while we have been truly grateful and utterly thrilled with the response of our customers over the last 4 years, we need to evaluate how/whether the company can continue.

Susie (the disk designer/recipe developer) just got married and has moved to Arizona to help with her husband’s landscape photography business, and Jill (who has spent 4 years running the business side) is moving on to new projects of her own, too. Hopefully Impress will weather the storm and be back in 2019. The June 1st, 2018 shut down of our Impress! Bakeware and Amazon sites will continue into 2019 to give Susie time to restructure the company in Arizona and get it back up and running on her own.

Susie’s Creative Cookie Press blog will remain available with all of the recipes and videos to help you this fall and winter. During this closure, you will be unable to access our website or place any orders. On our Impress website you will see a vacation banner with a similar message to this one. We will continue to check email and respond to phone calls during this time, although not with the frequency that we do when our websites are live. Please be patient and we will respond back to you.

Please check back on our Impress Bakeware website and our Facebook page in 2019 for updates as to when we will reopen.

For now, please accept our apologies for not being around for the 2018 Holidays, our sincerest thanks for your interest in and enthusiasm for our disks, and no matter what the future holds, we wish you the happiest of baking, always!

~Susie & Jill Co-Founders, Impress! Cookie Press Disks