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Hearts, Snowflakes & Christmas Trees make a warm and sweet expression of Christmas. As I was wrapping up from my last post, Woodland Christmas, I came across a few cookies I hadn’t included in the blog. I’d made a few red and green hearts but wound up not using them. I stared at them as I cleaned and thought boy those would look cute with a touch of icing or some sprinkles. So, unable to control my baking-obsessed self, and after having proclaimed in that last post that I was done for the year (HA!), I whipped out the icing and sprinkles and white pearlescent dust and started decorating. I couldn’t help myself. It seemed too cute.

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I glanced around and came across a few undecorated Fancy Christmas Trees and a couple of Snowflakes. Immediately my mind started forming an idea for one last post.

Christmas is Love, I thought. So I decorated the hearts, made the snowflakes shimmer and added some pearly snow to the trees. (I used edible pearlescent dust mixed with a clear alcohol or extract- see the technique in the Woodland Christmas Post.)  I used decorating icing piped through round and star tips to add accents and glue some sprinkles on to look like ornaments. I plopped them all on a plate, took a few shots and thought yeah, I have to share this.

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The neat thing is it’s also a small way for me to showcase the versatility of the disks that come with our new Impress! Cookie Press. All of these shapes are in the Press Box Set. If you look at my last post you could add the chickadee and boy that would be even cuter! I literally just ran off to the kitchen, grabbed the chickadees off the Woodland plate (still not cleaned up yet LOL), placed them on a plate with some sprinkles, snapped away, and here ya go- chickadees!

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This is the first year we’ve offered a press, so I’m still learning everything I can do with these new designs! I’m happy to have featured them in the last two posts. I hope everyone who picked up a press is having fun and getting creative with them. For those who did, this post is for you! Here’s a simple way to make a fun, eye-catching plateful of yummies for Santa, with just a few disks from the press box. Ho Ho Ho ❤

For spritz cookie dough recipes (including pressing instructions) that would work well with this decorating idea see these posts: How to make Christmas Trees Cookies has my gold standard spritz recipe, vanilla-honey spritz; Chicks & Eggs, Bunnies & Carrots- Easter Spritz has a cream cheese spritz recipe; Colorful Fall Leaves… has a powdered sugar spritz recipe; and Advent Calendar has incredibly almond spritz. They are all tasty and press great!

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Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂 Links and pictures of the disk set below.

Happy Baking! And thanks for making our return to business a happy one.


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